Monday, September 17, 2012

Remembrance Day 2011

Here is the display I made last year for Remembrance Day

Display elements

Posters supplied by the department of veteran affairs Australia. 2011 was the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy

Poems “In Flanders field” and “We shall keep the faith”
Lest we forget cross

Poster with Australia’s war statistics

Books from Fiction and Non-fiction

How to


For the poppies along the bottom I made them using this tutorial
Tissue Paper Flowers for Any Occasion by Marie LeBaron of

I started using buttons for the centre but in the end because I made so many I just turned over the end of the pipe cleaner to make the centre of the flower



I found copies of both poems “In Flanders Field” and “We shall keep the Faith on the internet”

I then created an A4 size poster (I used this size because our colour printer only does up to A4 pages). I then added free pictures from the internet relating to the poems. If you want to reuse these posters it would be best to laminate them. They can easily be used for both ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day every year.


I also found this picture and included it in the display

Sorry I don't remember were I got it from


This was simply made by finding a blank cross on Microsoft clipart and adding the words “Lest we forget”.  I than photocopied it to the size I wanted.

Feel free to copy  and use

War Statistics

This took a little searching but I found a couple of sources that had this information and compiled it to make a poster of the basic statistics. For the background a found an Anzac picture. Because of the amount of information I had to make it on two A4 pages and then cut them out and made an A3 size poster.


The title was made by printing the letters in black on red paper and then cut to leave a border. Once again if you want to use the title again it would be best to laminate it. You may also want to do extra numbers at the same time so that you can change the date to reflect the current year


To complete the display I found books throughout the library dealing with war stories mainly Australian but any war books were fine. I put two on the wall as part of the display and the rest on the shelf below. I always allow students to borrow any of the books on the display as the idea of doing these displays is to promote the reading of these books.
Happy Reading
The Library Lady

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