Thursday, September 20, 2012

My first ever library display

When I started as the school librarian I had no experience what so ever in running a library. After the first year of getting my feet wet I decided it was time to start sprucing the library up. This was the first display I designed and made.
The idea was to promote reading in general and to fill in a large blank pinup board.

The blue fringe with fish was added later as part of an origami display I made.

Display Elements
Cascading books
Open paperbacks
Open and closed picture books
How to
Cascading books
This is an idea I got from the Paperazzi exhibition in Albany. It is made by cutting the pages of the book so they look like the are falling out. With two of the books I added coloured pages for some interest. To hand them up I feed some wire along the spine added some beads and other items.
Open books
For this I visited the secondhand shops and bought a range of paperbacks and picture books(make sure they are ones you don't want to use later). I wanted to have them stay open when i pinned them up so I stuck toothpicks inside along the spine. By doing this the pages can't close so when pinned open on the wall they fan open.
Happy reading
From the Library Lady

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