Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I wanted to make an interactive display this year for Father’s day (which in Australia is always the 1st Sunday in September). “After having a look on the internet I came up with this display,
Display Elements
Word cloud
Two titles
I love Dad because… Cards
Copious amounts of blue tack J
How to
Main title
For the main title I went to my local second hand shop and bought enough ties for a tie per letter (for this title you need 21). I the printed the letter’s in black on yellow paper and cut letters leaving a border.
The letters are attached using strong double sided tape. I tried staples but I had trouble getting through the material.
I hung up a line and attached the ties using pegs.

Word Cloud
For this I searched on line for as many father’s day word activities as I could find e.g. word searches I then typed these word into Wordle to create my cloud. Once I had a cloud I was happy with I printed it in black and white then enlarged it on the photocopier and made 5 copies. I then cut out the words and stuck them onto coloured card. Once the words had been cut from the card I recreated the Wordle on the window (here is were the blue tack starts being gobbled up). I place another one on the other side of the window to hide all the blue tack dots J
I love you because...
Once again for the letters I printed the black on coloured card and cut out leaving a border.
These were then attached over the area were the students would but their cards.

I love you because… Cards
For this I made up these simple cards that the students could write in why they loved their dad. I did censor these to a certain extent as we have high school students who like to take the micky. These were then stuck on the library doors This is were the rest of the blue tack dissappears.

Happy Reading
From the Library Lady

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